Bing releases Artist page feature

Bing came out with a new feature: Artist Page.
Artist Page helps to discover, explore and experience about famous recording artists in a better way.

You may be only looking for a song but and now you can search, find, listen and buy it from Bing. You can see latest images, events and video of  your favourite artist all at one place and you can also get latest news, headlines and even recent Tweet at a glance.

For example,
When you type Lady Gaga in the Bing search;
You can see Lady Gaga News, Images, Events and Recent Tweet all at one place.

There after you can see Videos, news and Shops separately.

Here is the screen shot of  Shops in the bottom of the page.

It’s a great news for music lovers as they can find out all the information about their favourite artist at one place.

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