Booming sales for Smartphones with one billion shipped in a year

Samsung Smart phone leader in 2013

Samsung Smart phone leader in 2013

Mobile phone seems to have entered into a new arena with one billion smartphones shipped in one year that means with around 6 billion people on earth almost one in six will have smartphone despite many shortcomings.

According to International Data Corporation (IDC) more than a billion smartphones were shipped by vendors in 2013, up 38.4% from the 725.3 million devices shipped in 2012.

Sales of Smartphone industry is astronomical despite its leader Iphone have many issues (a)Battery major issue, the duration time of iPhone battery is absolutely joke and there is no improvement over that and you end up charging your phone twice a day or carry charger with you all the time.

(b)Similarly Apple Siri Feature just doesn’t understand the accent of majority of people outside the US. Most of Siri feature just doesn’t work in many countries such as India.

(c)2 weeks faulty phone policy of Iphone major disappointment as many Iphones have major problems including dropping the 3G connections and if you don’t identified that issue,  inform and change your Iphone within 2 weeks time, Apple will not exchange you with a brand new phone even though you have paid for the new phone instead they may exchange you with
a another repaired phone.

Still the sale reflects the huge demand for smartphones, and the large screen seems to be driving trend.

At the end of the last year, about 18% of smartphones were phablets, up from 7% from the year before and this year it could hit 25%. That reveals it’s still a niche market —
large screens are not for everyone — but there is clearly a market for these things.”

As with everything growth of smartphones will also reach it’s zenith however may not be this year although saturation is already there in the U.S. Samsung became the leader in global smartphones shipments in 2013, because of big demand of Galaxy S III, S4 and Note.