Dell getting serious with Social Media

Dell command center

Dell command center

Dell is getting serious with Social Media as Dell’s CEO Michael Dell officially launches the company’s Social Media Listening Command Centre.

The objective of the company is to track all the possible conversations about Dell across the web and take action on the basis of feedback, accordingly.

It is said that the average daily mentions of Dell on Twitter has a greater reach than the 12 main daily newspapers in the United States combined.

Dell’s new social monitor centre is based in its Austin headquarters, and will be an integral part of its customer care and tech support.  Dell is using social media monitoring tool for data collection.

The Dell centre is expected to track on average 22,000 daily topic posts related to Dell, as well as mentions of Dell. Dell has trained over 5,000 employees in social media with listening and engaging as part of their daily jobs. With this move of Dell it reflects that brands are becoming proactive in listening online dialogue about them.