Email marketing strategy tips and solutions for higher CTR

Email marketing is still an effective component of current digital marketing era and many businesses are operating with email marketing as their main strategy to acquire new customers. Below are some of the strategies to boost CTRs.

Email marketing strategies tips and solutions to boost CTRs

Relevance: Is your email list relevant to your target customers?

It is ideal to send email only to those customers who opt in to receive your email messages and as they have given approvals they would more likely to open your emails and hence high CTR.

At times many marketers buy email data base and start sending emails indiscriminately which can leads to not only low CTR but also spam and bad user experience.

Curious subject line – Nothing is quite as intriguing as a mystery. One of the best ways to capture the attention of your subscribers/customers is to ask questions.

Responsive Designs

As mobile readers are increasing exponentially, designing for message/site for mobile is a mandatory now. Consideration should be given to adapt to the display resolution of the reader’s device because otherwise often subscribers would delete emails that don’t display correctly on mobile phones.

Click-Worthy Calls-to-Action

CTA in your email specifically designed to get users to click–to take action. Use Actionable Language – Your CTA needs to suggest users to ‘click,’ ‘get,’ or ‘redeem,’ giving them a subtle suggestion of action to take.  Intrigue- Creating a little intrigue is a good idea. Words such as ‘exclusive,’ ‘unusual,’ ‘rare,’ work well with button CTAs. If your email is long perhaps place a button at the beginning and at end of your message.

There is always a possibility to learn something new and the best click rate optimization comes with repeated testing.