Facebook announces Hacker Cup

Great news for hackers worldwide to test and showcase their skills as the Facebook announces its first Hacker Cup (an annual worldwide programming competition where hackers compete against each other for fame, fortune, glory and a shot at the coveted Hacker Cup).

Though Facebook is well-known for its hackathons (all night coding sessions designed to help create new products). But now the company has announced  its Hacker Cup.

According to Facebook it will bring engineers from around the world to compete in a multi-round competition. The Hacker Cup in a way similar to Google’s Code Jam.

Contestants in the competition will be challenged with solving algorithmic-based problem. Those who successfully solve the problems will advance to the next round.

The 2011 Facebook Hacker Cup is the first in its series where many hackers are expected to enter, but only one will claim title as champion and take
home the $5,000 USD cash prize and his/her named  written on the Hacker Cup.

More info at http://www.facebook.com/hackercup#!/hackercup?v=app_10442206389

Final round will be held at Facebook’s campus in Palo Alto. Facebook will fly the 25 participants in and pay for their expenses. At the in-person final
round, a winner will be crowned with the title of world champion, and $5,000 in cash.