Frequently asked questions

How should I pay the fee for the course?
If you are based in India, you can pay by Online bank transfer.If based in the UK, you can pay in the UK bank by either (a) Check or (b) Online bank transfer.If you are based anywhere else in the world you can pay by online bank transfer to the UK bank account.For more information please contact admin :  barbara AT london-school.org.uk  (please use @ in place of AT in the email address or alternatively use the contact us form)

What course materials will participants receive?

Your course includes video and text lectures along with home work for your self reflection.


Is there is any support once my course is finished?

Of course support is available 24/5 via email and telephone.


Will I receive a certificate?

You need to enroll for a exam (based on multiple choice questions) and on successful completion of your exam you will receive a Certificate.