Fb.com sold for $8.5 Million



Facebook spend $8.5 million to acquire Fb.com, more than 42 times the amount the company originally paid for Facebook.com.

Facebook purchased the domain last year from the American Farm Bureau Federation, which uses fb.org as its primary domain. In its annual meeting in the USA, the non-profit organisation revealed that it earned $8.5 million on the sale of fb.com.

The last high price domain purchase by Facebook was for Facebook.com, when it was known as TheFacebook. The company paid $200,000 in
August 2005 to acquire the domain, 42.5 times less than what Facebook spent to acquire fb.com last year.

Facebook.com purchase was seems as expensive for the company at that time however investment has clearly paid off. Facebook hope that fb.com will also fall in the same line.