Google AdWords: biggest mistake where you lose money Broad Match

Google Adwords advertising solution is like an organized retail sector in India which seems very promising to investors however without proper understanding rushing to the Google pay per click solution can be the prime reason for losses.

In my experience most Google AdWords accounts operate at a loss i.e. cost more than they earn however this isn’t always easy to work out for most Entrepreneurs or businesses.

However you can reduce your wastages or losses on your Google pay per click ads. Today I am covering first biggest mistake for Adwords users.

No 1 Biggest Mistake: Broad keyword vs exact keyword

When you choose keywords for your Google Ads pay per click ad, you may not realize but Google by default use BROAD keyword match which not only results in losses but can also reduce your ad quality score and low CTR.

For example: For the purpose of this article I published an ad on Google Adwords for my online course “Online Marketing Course”. I use 2 keywords (1) Marketing course (2) Online Marketing Course.

Google Adwords pay per click - Broad Match vs Exact Match 1st picture

Google Adwords pay per click – Broad Match vs Exact Match 1st picture


Now ideally Google should only show my ads when somebody type above two keywords isn’t it but that is not the case.

Google started showing my ads for irrelevant keywords such as “latest syllabus of marketing cbse class 12” which is shown to a secondary school student in India who is searching for his / her school syllabus.

Now do you think that school student who is searching for cbse syllabus is my target customer, of course not, infact the age group which I defined was much bigger but somehow Google showing my ads to a totally irrelevant customers.

This ofcourse would be a wastage for me because wrong kind of customer would come to my site and would of course leave immediately and I as a advertiser would lose money.

The reason Google show my ads to irrelevent customer is because by default Google use the BROAD MATCH setting for each keyword and I have seen this basic mistake in many advertiser’s account.

Google by default use BROAD Match and advertisers lose money

Google by default use BROAD Match and advertisers lose money 2





Solution: Always use EXACT keyword option in Google Adwords account instead of BROAD keyword. Here is how to do it.

  1. Select specific keywords
  2. Select edit.
  3. Than Select EXACT MATCH in the drop-down menu.
Google adwords -how to choose EXACT match keyword

Google adwords -how to choose EXACT match keyword 3

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