Google AdWords “Customer Match” simplified

Google AdWords with an aim to become more precise, recently launched new product called “Customer Match”. The Google Customer Match offering is similar to Facebook and Twitter Custom/Tailored Audiences, respectively.

Customer Match allow advertisers to upload their customer email address lists into AdWords and when customers are signed in to Google Search, YouTube or Gmail, advertiser can show them ads. The targeting capability extends beyond Google search and it include both YouTube Trueview ads and native ads in Gmail.

With Customer Match Google has permitted advertisers to target ads for customer-owned data in Adwords. Advertisers will be able to set bids and
create ads specifically for audiences built from their own email lists.

Previously advertisers have been able to serve ads to site visitors and customers with display ads using retargeting lists. However with Customer Match advertiser can show specific ads to searchers who are logged in with their email address in the Google, YouTube or Gmail. This strategy is very useful when you have an email database and want to show highly targeted ads to existing customers.

To start with Customer Match, advertisers need to upload their email lists to Audiences within AdWords.
To create Customer email list:
Step 1: Sign in to your AdWords > Click Shared library > Click Audiences.
Step 2: Under “Customer emails,” > click Create list.

Customer Match Google Adwords creating customer list

Customer Match Google Adwords creating customer list