Google Adwords mistake no 2 – Landing Page

Most often I have observed in the clients Google AdWords accounts that landing page where customer lands after clicking the ad in not relevant.

Google adwords

Google Adwords

Let’s understand with the help of an example : For our site if we advertise on Google Adwords about MARKETING Course  & customer lands on home page instead of relevant page which is than it is ads wastage.

Remember customers don’t want to think. You need to make it easy for customers to buy from your site.

I can share practical example : When we launched our Marketing Course our partner inserted landing page as the Home Page in the Email AD campaign instead of Marketing Page by mistake & result was that only around 35% customers reach on actual Marketing Course Page in that specific campaign after landing on Home page and 25% of that actually resulted into sales.

Most beginners (some even bigger clients) who started advertising on Google, generally point their ads traffic to their homepage which is a sheer wastage of money.

If your website doesn’t convert clicks into leads or sales, you’re just wasting your time & money or simply you are donating that money to Google. 

Solution: Remember the magic word if you wants to avoid wastage on Google Adwords and that is relevancy, relevancy and relevancy. To justify the ad expense on Google Adwords there need to be clear relevancy from your Exact keyword -> ad copy -> landing page.

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