Google AdWords mistake no 3 – tracking and profitable keywords

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Google AdWords mistake no 3 is not tracking or not installing Google Analytics code on your website and not aware of your profitable keywords.

If you are running Google AdWords campaign than before going further think for a moment,

“are you aware, which of your keywords are profitable?”

Often those who start using AdWords forget to install Google Analytics or Tag manager for tracking the PPC traffic or even if they install the Analytics but rarely analyse that.

The point is, if you don’t know which ads campaign are giving you the best return on investment than how would you decide where to spend your hard earned money?

The possibility is that you end up spending money on loss making campaign and end up reducing your profits.

Ideally all your ad budget should be spend on campaign which is giving you the best ROI and all loss making campaign should be stopped immediately but how will you
find out unless you start tracking the results?

Without tracking you would keep spending money on all campaign irrespective they are profitable or not.

Step 1: Install Google Analytic/Google Tag manager on all pages and verify
Step 2: Identify which of your AdWords campaign/keywords are loss making
Step 3: Pause the loss making keywords and either optimize your ads or change keywords.

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