Google AdWords mistake no 4 –Low Quality Score

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Often new Google Adwords advertisers forget to check the quality score of their ads. So if your ads are of low quality score than often it means your cost per click is higher or in  simple terms, the click to your ads are more expensive.

Each keyword in Google AdWords gets a Quality Score from 1 to 10, where 1 is the lowest score and 10 is the highest.

The components of Quality Score are
expected click through rate (CTR)
ad relevance
landing page experience 

In summary, higher quality ads lead to lower costs and better ad positions on the Google search pages.

Quality Score Google Adwords

Quality Score Google Adwords






For example in this screenshot, quality score seems quite average 5 out of 10 even below average such as 1/10 or 3 /10 so efforts need to be made to improve the quality score so as to minimize your expenses.







How to view or enable the Quality Score column in Google AdWords account:

Click on the Campaigns tab at the top. > Select the Keywords tab.

Look for the Quality score column in the statistics table. If you don’t see this column in your table, you can add this column by following steps below:

Quality Score column View or Enable in Google AdWords

Quality Score column View or Enable in Google AdWords


Click on the Columns drop-down menu in the toolbar.
Click Modify columns.
Select Attributes.
Click on Add next to Qual. score.
Click on Save.


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