Google AdWords mistake no 5 – Ad Extensions

Still most Google AdWords advertisers don’t use ad extensions and end up spending more for each click even though ad extension were introduced 2 years ago in 2013.

Now it is possible that new advertisers or small businesses are not aware of ad extensions however even bigger ad spenders are missing on this opportunity.

Ad extensions basically improve CTR click through rate because they highlight your ad and make it more prominent by providing more information to potential customers  such as your business number or your business location on a map, etc.

Google AdWords Ad Rank can be easily increased by showing relevant ad extensions.

So for example there are two competing ads which have the same bid and quality, then the Google ad with have additional impact because of extensions
will generally appear in a higher position than the other.

You can add an extension for any campaign:

Step 1: Click Specific Campaign for which you would like to add ad extension
Step 2: Click Ad Extensions and then Click on VIEW to add the specific extension.

Ad Extension in Google AdWords -London School PR and Marketing

Ad Extension in Google AdWords -London School PR and Marketing

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