Google Analytics Training –Intro Tutorial 1

Google Analytics Training/Courses –Intro Tutorial 1

Google Analytics Intro lecture 1

Google Analytics Intro tutorial 1

Google Analytics is a free, website analytics tool by Google.

Google Analytics can provide you useful information about your customer /user/ visitors such as from which source (example whether google organic search or paid ads on search engine) they came to your website, how much time they spend on your site, what activities they perform on your site etc.

The benefits of Google Analytics is that when you have all the useful info about your customer behaviour than you can make informed decision about your online ads expenses, your site design, your site content etc. to increase your ROI.

How Google Analytics works?

You need to open your Google Analytics account and need to put the GA code on each page of your site which you want to track. When a user/visitor/customer accesses a page on your website, a request is made to the webserver to display the page.

The page is served and the Google Analytics Tracking Code JavaScript is executed. At this point, the Google Analytics first-party cookies are read and/or written.

Data is processed regularly all the time & you can see the results in your Google Analytics reports.

However: If someone blocks all cookies, than he or she won’t be track by Google Analytics because all the data is reached to the Google Analytics servers is via the first-party cookies.

Note:  Many people block third-party cookies from being set by their web browsers which don’t affect Google Analytics because Google Analytics uses first-party cookies, which are considered safe and non-intrusive by most internet users nowadays.

Also if a visitor/customer to your site has disabled JavaScript on his or her browser, he won’t be tracked because the Google Analytics Tracking Code cannot be executed.

Google Analytics can track visits not only from desktop computers but also from a mobile device as long as the mobile device is capable of executing JavaScript and storing cookies. In Google Analytics one can access which devices have been used to access your website simply by looking at the browsers report in the AUDIENCE > MOBILE> DEVICES as below.

Google Analytics Intro lecture 2 Mobile device data tracking

Google Analytics Intro lecture 2 Mobile device data tracking