Google billion dollar businesses

Google and its billion dollar businesses

Google Home Page

Google Home Page

Google provided fascinating insight of its revenue stream highlighting its online advertising and mobile marketing branches.

Chief financial officer of Google Mr Pichette emphasised how this was a first for Google, a company that had never disclosed a breakdown of its profitable businesses in such a manner before. This was a one-off sneak peak at how Google earns its money.

Google’s revelations highlighted that it isn’t simply Google adwords from which it earns it’s money. Google believes that its mobile business is due to become another billion dollar earner, with a heavy emphasis on mobile advertising.

YouTube has also started showing some profits, with more than 2 billion views being monetised every week, which is around 50 per cent more than 2009. YouTube is also approaching $1 billion per year in revenue.

Display advertising annual revenues have almost reached $2.5 billion because of Google’s acquisition of DoubleClick for $3.1 billion.

Google’s is continually expanding into newer projects. Fully-automated, self-driving cars is a prime example of Google’s strategy to being part of the “next big thing”.

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