Google Crome users tripled to 120 million

The number of people using Chrome are growing exponentially. This years the number of Crome uses has tripled from 40 to 120 million.  Google Crome is focussing on improving speed as according to Google, speed is one important factor, people love most about Chrome.

Google is bringing Google Instant to the Omnibox, showing search results and loading web pages as one type with the objectibe to make the  browser  even faster.

Google is introducing Crankshaft, a new compilation infrastructure for V8, Google Chrome’s JavaScript engine. By optimizations, Crankshaft  dramatically  improves the performance of compute-intensive JavaScript applications with speed up to twice as fast as before.

User will get faster experience while loading web pages and applications built with complex JavaScript. Comparison snapshot of Chrome with and without  Crankshaft on the V8 benchmark suite:

Soon these two features will be rolling out to everyone.

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