Google dismantled the language barrier

Google translate

A wonderful application is launched by Google which allow you to communicate fluently with a nearby person in another language and easy to learn Spanish and other language through Google translate conversion application. An update to the Google’s translate App for Android now allows users to translate conversations in Spanish and English

Google application allows a mobile phone to instantly translate a conversation. All you need to do in conversation mode, is to simply press the microphone for your language and start speaking. Google application will translate your speech and your conversation partner can then respond in their language.

At the moment users must press “submit” between each statement, however according to Google’s Chief Executive Eric Schmidt, he expects the service to operate in “real-time” within 18 months.

The Google new feature called “conversation mode” works by recording a user’s speech and then sending it to Google’s servers. They recognise it, convert it to text, translate it and then send audio in a new language back to the phone.

Google translates text by using a verified index of official translations. The service will launch in a trial “alpha” version that will work in Spanish
and English at the moment however Google says it expects to launch other languages in the near future.

More information at Google official Blog: