Google launches new operating system

Google has announced a new operating system that will compete against Microsoft and Linux.

Google focus is mainly on speed.  The point is most people spend almost all of their time surfing internet using web browser and many will not even use computer if internet is not there.

So why not build an operating system that is essentially a browser, which can make computers faster, much simpler and fundamentally more secure.

All the document will be securely rest on safe servers instead of computer just like your emails. So just in case somebody lose his/her computer or netbook, all one need to do is to log on with different netbook as all your files are already safe.

At this stage Google Chrome OS is to be launched as a trial programme to collect feedback and will only be available on a small scale. In due course Google’s new operating system will be offered as a standard option when consumers buy laptops or PCs. Chrome OS is designed to work across a  wide range of screen sizes and form factors.

Google is launching a pilot program where test notebooks will be given to qualified users only, developers, schools and businesses starting with the U.S.  and will later expand to other countries.

The test notebooks exist only to test the software. They are black and have no branding.  Chrome notebooks are designed to reach the web instantly. Setting up a new machine takes less than a minute.

In the first half of next year Chrome notebooks will be available for sale from Acer and Samsung. The Chrome OS by Google appears to be really  impressive in terms of speed (as many PC take even up to a minute to load and start) and a serious threat to Windows.