Google now understand text in a flash (SWF) file

Google Home Page

Google Home Page

Great news for the webmasters working on flash file as Google blog posted an update on their new improved Flash indexing capabilities. Google said, now they are able to index and understand “almost any text a user can see as they interact with a SWF file on your site.”

So far, flash has been one of those big taboo in the SEO space and SEO consultant would never have recommended you to build your site totally with flash files.

However, since there are many Flash sites on the internet and it seems that Google wants to index there content too. This also gives leverage to Google as many other search engines still wouldn’t be able to index flash file.

Google was working continually in the past with Adobe to better index Flash content. In 2008, Google made some advancement in indexing Flash content  and Google is able to index almost all the text and links within a Flash file.

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