Google Tag Manager Training Course 2 Metrics Dimensions

Step1:  First decide which information (static and dynamic values) you would like to collect from your website for example whether you want info on revenue or booking data, or any other custom information, etc.

Step 2: Next figure out which tags can provide you with the information data you need based on the metrics and dimensions in your measurement plan. Before going ahead first let’s understand what are metrics and dimensions in GA terminology used in this step.

Reports in Google Analytics are made up of dimensions and metrics. Let’s say in the following example:

Google Tag manager metrics dimensions

Google Tag manager -Implementation lesson 2


In this image dimension is City –London and Metrics is 153

Dimensions describe characteristics of visitors while Metrics are quantitative measurements.

The tables in Google Analytics reports generally organize dimension values into rows, and metrics into columns.

Examples of metrics in GA could be  sessions, page/session, bounce rate, etc.


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