Google Takes Down France Link Network site Buzzea

Buzzea closure news

Google’s Matt Cutt announced on Twitter today that Google has taken action on another “link network” named Buzzea.
Matt Cutts tweet read, “Today we’re taking action on a French link network that violates our quality guidelines (Buzzea).”

In addition, he added that they are working on a German based link network, “today France; Germany soon,” Matt added.

Google has targeted large number of link networks and has been going after them over the course for the past few years.

Buzzea took offense to have been called a “link network.” In a letter posted on the Buzzea site, Buzzea said that they “oppose this assertion since we never
stopped wanting to keep the ethical side of sponsored articles focusing on quality and natural links created.”

They wrote: This marks the end of an adventure for our team but also the end of our collaboration with thousands of publisher sites, agencies and advertisers who have given us their trust. As of now, those who participated in Buzzea, may expect a notification in Google Webmaster Tools with a fall in ranking.

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[…] or paid network as just last week Google Matt Cutt also announced that they targeted and take down France Link Network site Buzzea that closed down promptly after the Google […]