Google to help with Live Video Helpouts

Google Helpouts

Google to help with Live Video Helpouts

So far Google has built a search engine that answers search queries/questions, and now it is planning to replace search engine with humans.

Google announced Helpouts, a new tool that can connect users via live video chat with experts who can help them with their queries about home improvement, cooking or even medical advice.

Helpouts will be a Google-vetted marketplace where approved companies can offer their services to interested parties in real-time over live video.

Google has invited 1,000 companies to participate so far and plans to keep the marketplace “invitation only” as of now.

Vendors will set their own prices, charging customers / users either by the minute or by the session, though Google anticipates a number of services will also be offered for free. (Google takes 20% of each transaction.)

The video conferencing is done using Google Hangouts; vendors and experts are found using Google search; payments are accepted through Google Wallet; and users must have a Google+ profile in order to join a Helpout.