Great products services prices competitive but customer don’t buy why?

You have great products and services and your prices are competitive but still customer don’t buy – why? Sounds familiar? 


The biggest point in selling is to build TRUST!!!  Without trust there is no sale.

Think about it… whenever you are considering buying from a new shop or new vendor or a new product or service, you go looking for evidence that you can trust them.

Often you look for testimonials, check out their website, look for the customer reviews (for example when booking hotels often people look for reviews from TripAdvisor website) their press coverage, etc. Then if you trust these reviews or testimonials enough you buy them – or you don’t. For example would you consider to stay in the Hotel Holland Court after looking at the rating in the image below

London School -Hotel Holland Court reviews testimonials

London School -Hotel Holland Court reviews testimonials

Perhaps most people would prefer to avoid this hotel after looking at other customer views.

Similarly when you are looking for a plumber or electrician for your home, you often ask your friends if they know anyone trustable. Or when buying from Amazon, often people look for customer feedback.

For example: You need to buy a small TV, 20 inch screen. Which of the following option you would be more interested to buy?

Marketing & Sales - Why people don't buy -2nd

Marketing & Sales – Why people don’t buy -2nd












Most people would be more comfortable to buy Micromax 20B22 TV as it has 465 reviews with around 80% approval rate instead of the other option where Genus TV has no reviews, Videocon has one review with worst 20% rating & Hyundai one review with  60% rating.

The solution: Build trust with your customers or prospects for better sales & always remember to provide the best possible customer service because in the long run it is the great product and the best customer service which matters. Simple! 🙂

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