Indian Home Minister threaten to Crush Social Media

Indian Union Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde threatened to “crush” what he called “elements in the electronic media spreading false propaganda.” However later
he clarified what he meant was “Social Media”.

At a Congress party function in Maharashtra, from where Mr Shinde is also the Lok Sabha MP, said, “Certain elements in the media orchestrate ‘nasty designs’.
Since I’m also in charge of the intelligence wing, I know where this is coming from. We have been working silently to place checks on them,  but there was a campaign from them over the past four months. We are now going to crush these elements in the electronic media spreading false propaganda.”  Interestingly congress party workers clapped in appreciation.

However, today Mr Shinde clarified, “I spoke about social media spreading hatred, not journalism.”

It is surprising that the home minister of India is making such kinds of statements. Congress party is losing support because of your corruption and high inflation and Mr Shinde choose to blame the media for that and in this case it seems he chose to blame peoples voice i.e. Social Media.

Series of opinion polls in the India at national and regional level have predicted a poor results for the ruling Congress party in the Lok Sabha election, due by May 2014.