Internet Explorer loses top spot to Firefox in Europe



Mozilla’a Firefox has become the most widely used web browser in Europe replacing Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.


Mozilla browser acquired a 38.1pc market share across the continent in December 2010, surpassing Internet Explorer’s 37.5pc – the first time Microsoft has lost the top spot in the European market.


Internet explorer loss come as Google Chrome browser usage rise to 14.6pc from just 5.1pc within a year.


This is a major setback to the Internet Explorer dominance as it has been dethroned in a major territory. One possible reason is Microsoft’s promise to give consumers better access to rival browsers, which European Union regulators accepted¬† while ending a long anti-trust dispute.


Since 2010, Microsoft has offered millions of European customers the option of using 12 different internet browsers through its Windows software.


However Internet Explorer still retained a clear lead in North America with a 48.92pc share – followed by Firefox at 26.7pc.