MySpace redesigned its site to control falling traffic




Traffic across the internet in terms of visitors increased by ten percent during September 2010 and time users spent on the web also increased 3.1 percent however for MySpace unfortunately it was a different story.

MySpace site notices around 18 percent drop in the unique visitors compared to the same period last year. If this wasn’t enough, visitor browsing time on the website also dropped 42.6 percent. Perhaps the most likely reason is the rising popularity of other social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

To counter the falling site traffic MySpace released beta version of its new site for new users. MySpace plans to release it to all of its users worldwide soon.

MySpace merged social networking with entertainment in the new beta version. The site is mainly targeting at users aged between 13 and 35. MySpace developers think that entertainment features will help users to stay for longer periods of time. Apart from entertainment feature attempt is made to make user interface more friendly.

One can fine new discovery tab to see what is hot on MySpace and what friends are viewing. Content area has also been added to see entertainment news, videos, and more.  MySpace will also promote the new concept called curators — “a subset of its audience whose reputation and knowledge make them influential” by supporting them with resources and tools.

Now fingers crossed for the MySpace team to see how new beta version helps the site to regain its declining popularity.