Nokia “disruptive” marketing strategy to match big rivals



Nokia is focusing on “disruptive” marketing tactics such as billboard campaign or a tweet poking fun at the iPhone 5C saying “imitation is the best
form of flattery” as it looks to boost its market share in the highly competitive mobile market.

According to Nokia it will focus on “eye catching” but low-cost marketing such as its recent weather-controlled outdoor campaign.
Last week Nokia launched a new campaign dubbed “little things” across outdoor and digital aiming to explain Nokia’s difference from its rivals.

Nokia is also increasing its investment in partner marketing and now has about 1,000 “Nokia evangelists” in retail stores across the UK and Ireland
focusing on the “Lumia agenda” while connecting to an online retail portal to blog at the same time and provide feedback to Nokia about its range of devices.

Latest and update feedback is the smart move for every brand as it can help Nokia to shape future strategy accordingly.

For Nokia the UK is one of the main market as Nokia 1020 high end smartphone, has helped Nokia achieve a 10 per cent market share in the region and “huge brand awareness”.