Orlando Bloom deportation denting India’s Image

India’s travel industry is already suffering from drop in females solo tourist arrival because of the rise in rape cases however nothing seems to be learned in India.

Now British film star Orlando Bloom was deported from India. 

Orlando bloom deported from India

Orlando bloom deported from India

The actor arrived in Delhi from London at 1.30 am British Airways flight, only to be deported back by the 4am BA flight because his e-Visa which he had applied for had not been confirmed.

The Indian Foreigner Regional Registration Offices (FRRO) officer said that they followed protocol and Bloom was deported back to the UK by the 4am British Airways flight.

Even though Orlando requested the officer to allow him some time to sort out the issue since he also had a stomach bug. The doctor on duty was summoned to attend to him but soon after, he was asked to leave.

The most embarrassing part of the story was that Orlando was invited to India as a state guest of Uttar Pradesh Governement to promote tourism, on behalf of Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav and still he was deported.

Orlando was also supposed to visit the Taj Mahal and he was never informed that the visa has been rejected for whatever technical fault. Even though later India’s foreign minister intervened and issued him visa when he was deported and arrived back in London so he can come back but the point is Orlando Bloom was not a security threat or refugee instead invited as chief guest on behalf of Chief Minister of state govt of India, so why can’t he be issued visa on arrival.

In any case Indian foreign minister intervened perhaps she could have happen been prompt so this kind of incident could have been avoided which are already denting the India’s tourist friendly image.

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