Pinging how much should I ping to get my WordPress post index faster?

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Untill couple of years back pinging website to ten’s of update services was a common practice however those days are long gone! In WordPress by default one site is listed within its Update Services area and that is– Ping-O-Matic and that is preciously all what you need.

Pinging or Ping list for WordPress site

Pinging or Ping list for WordPress site

Let’s understand the basics to get the clear picture about pinging.

What Is Pinging
Pinging is a method for websites to inform the search engines that they have new, or updated, content.

Main objective is to get your site content indexed faster in the search engines to get more traffic.

WordPress automatically notifies (pings) update services each time you add, or edit, a post.

It tell other search engines, weblogs, feed aggregators, and all subscribers to those services, that your blog has been updated.

Pinging helps to improve the speed with which search engines can find and index your site content.

Why WordPress dafault Ping-O-Matic alone is good enough

Ping-O-Matic is well-maintained service since 2004. They send out pings around 50 million per day to all the most important update services (including, My Yahoo, Google blog search etc) in almost real time.

However excessive Pinging can also hurt your site or blog. WordPress automatically ping your blog every time you publish or edit a post however if you edit posts a lot, especially within a short period of time, then it may becomes a problem.

With each edit, WordPress sends a ping to the update services and excessive pinging may result in your site getting banned. So in my opinion if you have WordPress site you don’t need any more pinging site or updatings services as Ping-O-Matic.

Over many years, I am not using any pinging service other than the default WordPress and my site content get indexed in search engine very fast.


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