Scottish independence million pound marketing Yes campaign

yes scotland campaign

yes scotland campaign

Yes Scotland reserved around £2.5 million-worth of outdoor advertising in anticipation of huge ad campaign due to launch in early March 2014.

Thousands of billboards and poster spaces across Scotland have been provisionally booked by Yes Scotland. Intensive periods of poster advertising are planned,
with the first starting in early March and the last being launched just days before the independence vote.

This campaign is termed as one of the biggest Scottish outdoor advertising campaigns in history with Glasgow, Edinburgh and the surrounding central areas are understood to be the
primary targets.

Although Yes Scotland has been criticised for failing to publish details of its donor income, despite promises of financial transparency, A spokesman for Yes Scotland said:
“We are working hard to achieve a Yes vote so that Scotland’s future is in Scotland’s hands. In terms of donations received, we have made it clear that we will publish further
details in due course.”

Dampening Yes Scotland campaign today, UK Chancellor George Osborne has just said an hour ago, a vote for Scottish independence would mean walking away from the pound.
The Scottish government wants to retain sterling as part of a currency union in the event of “Yes” vote however Chancellor said there was “no legal reason” why the rest
of the UK would want to share sterling with an independent Scotland.