SEO Course

Learn 8 years of SEO practical experience within one day 

(From Complete Beginner to Professional within  one day-guaranteed)

(a) One day – (face to face) SEO Training course in London (On demand) @£895 only

(b) (Video Lecture Course online) on Search Engine Optimization Training (SEO) course  –  10th Feb 2016  Course fee – £150 only, Participants get certificate on successful completion of the course.

Please Note: Our Video Course on SEO training are totally practical & you can hit the ground running from day 1. Feel free to contact us should there be any query.

Support during and after the SEO Training course is available by email or via telephone.

Overview of the Video Lecture SEO Course & One Day SEO course:

Our SEO Training course are simplified, have individual approach and are highly practical. Completing this course will equip you with the necessary insight and technical know-how to build a SEO strategy to increase numbers of customers to your business website.

Feedback SEO Course Aissatou Diop from France

Feedback SEO Course Aissatou Diop from France












This course is ideal for :

•    MBAs
•    Marketing Manager
•    Entrepreneurs
•    Web Developers

Graduates looking for their first job or who would like to update themselves with the ever changing scenario of online marketing.

How will I benefit?

•    You will gain the know-how as how to build a SEO strategy that increase the number of quality visitors to your website and boost online conversions, ensuring the best possible return on your investment.
•    Can help you to get a job if you are a graduate planning to enter into the field SEO and web development.
•    Can help you to increase your sales if you are working as a marketing manager or as an entrepreneur.

What will I learn?

Ethical SEO guidelines suggested by Google & best practices to plan and implement a successful SEO campaign.

You will be learning how to manage your online brand in order to increase its market share.

Enable you to measure and analyse search term performance, key word conversion visitor traffic from Google and competitor activity.

Key learning:

•    The key components of a successful natural search strategy.
•    Keyword analysis and importance of quality content.
•    Importance of usability and site design.
•    Reporting and tracking SEO results.
•    What not to do while implementing SEO campaign.

SEO Course Outline

(a) Understanding SEO  (This section  includes)

  •    How search engines work
  •    How search engines rank sites
  •    SEO terminologies

(b) Step by Step Search Engine Optimisation (This section includes)

  Both Onpage, Offpage factors & Technical requirements.

Learning and implementing optimum

  •  Title,  HTML tags, Meta tags,
  •  How to decide keywords
  •  Chosing correct domain names,
  •  Anchor text, sitemaps & Urls
  •  How to evaluate your competition
  •  How to write optimised copy
  •  How to create a search engine friendly site structure
  •  Link Building
  •  How link popularity works
  •  How to evaluate competitor sites
  •  How to get sites to link to yours
  •  Image optimization
  •  Video Optimization
  •  Important SEO tools
  •  What not to do in SEO

(c) Recording and Measurement

Monitoring your rankings

Our SEO course follow the ethical guidelines suggested by the Google search engine. Completing this course would come out to be your best investment in yourself     e  v   e    r .

                                             We are absolutely confident about our SEO training course, are you.   🙂


SEO Search Engine Optimization Crash Course (with the help of Video lectures) admission process:

Step 1: Pay via Paypal or credit card at Pay pal website or online bank transfer (please ask for details).

Step 2: Once the payment is complete, you will be send the link of SEO course page and password same day and you can start immediately.

Step 3: (Optional) Once you complete your video SEO course you may apply for exams & on receiving 70% marks you will receive the certificate of completion. (additional cost £20)

Please note we don’t keep any of credit card details with us because all transaction happen at PAYPAL safe site which is a Ebay’s company. (Even if you are not having Paypal account, there is option to pay by your credit card on the Paypal page). If you don’t want to use your credit card, you also have an option to send us your payment via bank transfer (in that case please ask for details).

SEO Training Course
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