Twitter made in China

China is bringing back its own microblogging service, similar to Twitter, to promote revolutionary spirit.

The website, which was shut down in the past after initial hurdles, will be financed by the Government of China. As per the statement on the main page the website has been created in response to a call for local government to explore new media by the head of the Propaganda department of the country.

As of now the site, whose design resembles Twitter, displays mostly official administrators with the quotations by Mao Zedong and the statements of Chinese philosophers. The first registered user on the site was the secretary of the local branch of the Communist Party and he urged the local citizens  to send messages, praising China.

Twitter is banned in China since June 2009 along with many other social services such as Facebook. The decision to ban Twitter was taken by the authorities in order to obstruct the discussion of web users on the 20th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre (on June 4, 1989, around three thousand people were killed according to unofficial reports).

Site similar to Twitter are actively used in China. Bill Gates, has also open his account on  the Chinese microblogging service Sina. According to Chinese research firm EnfoDesk, there are already around 75 million microblogging users by 1st of Jan 2011.