Twitter Or Facebook Social Signals are not used in Google ranking

Google IsraelThere has been lot of speculation in the recent years about the social signals from Facebook and Twitter and their impact on Google search algorithm, and if so, how much.
It all seems to have been clear now with the release of Matt Cutt video.

Google’s Matt Cutts, released a video while answering the question, “are Facebook and Twitter signals part of the ranking algorithm?” His short answer was no.

According to Matt, Google does not give any special treatment to Facebook or Twitter pages and they are treated like any other page.

Explaining further on the confusion in the mind of many social media marketers, if Google does special crawling such as indexing the number of likes or tweets a
specific page has, Matt said Google does not do that right now. However, Matt does add that he does see Google crawling, indexing and understanding more about identities on the web in the long-term.

While some social media and SEO professionals focus on social media channels for their impact on Google rankings, others only for the
traffic, however the good news is the confusion is all clear as of now.

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