UK Environment Agency spent £2.4million on PR refused £1.7million on dredging Somerset rivers

Somerset region flooded

Somerset region flooded

UK Environment Agency spent at least £2.4million on PR activities however chose not to spend £1.7million on dredging River Tone and the River Parrett before the recent flooding leaving Somerset underwater despite the repeated calls for dredging made to the government departments by farmers and others at least six months ago.

Many families have been forced to leave their homes all flooded or cut off and surrounded by water. According to the UK Prime Minister David Cameron, the area has not been dredged since the late 1990s, and this had made it more prone to flooding.

The PR spending expenses came to the light after the request under the Freedom of Information Act by The Sun.

Environment Agency chairman Chris Smith said that just £400,000 had been set aside for dredging, and that this had not been enough.

Instead of accepting responsibility the EA said that an increased amount of dredging would not have stopped the current flooding in Somerset, due to the unprecedented amount of water which seems quite interesting considering even if that was true it still could have reduced the amount of loss considerably as compared to now.

Surprisingly the UK Environment Agency has defended the money spent on PR and said: ‘Money spent on communications is within strict government guidelines.