What is good Bounce Rate in Google Analytics

Bounce is visit in which the user left your site from the landing page without visiting other pages of your site. Often it means that your site content is not engaging (unless you have only one page site).

Imagine you spend thousands of pounds to build your website, than invest in paid advertisement or SEO or Social Media and visitor come to your site and simply bounce off because your site content is either confusing or not engaging or irrelevant, what a waste of money or time.

For this reason alone bounce rate is one metrics which no marketer can afford to ignore. So the next question which arises is what is the good bounce rate? or what is average bounce rate?

Bounce rate comparison

Bounce rate comparison

Well answer to good bounce rate is: it depend which industry, which business size or which country audience.

Now what I mean here is if you are running a consulting PR business and you start comparing your bounce rate with a website which belongs to travel booking site than that would be irrelevant because each industry can have different bounce rate.

Similarly it will be unfair to compare your website (small business) bounce rate with a website or business size which is 100 times bigger than yours. So the best way to identify best bounce rate is to compare your website bounce rate with your industry businesses whose size is similar to yours and that bench marking can give you the best picture.

Google Analytics Bench marking can answer “what’s a good bounce rate” along with facts. 
Login to your Google Analytics account & under “Audience” click “Benchmarking”.
Now filter your data correctly:
Google auto suggest data and you need to adjust bench marking relevant your industry and business size.

Next step is to continue your research further because overall bounce rate may not give you exact picture. For example in the screen shot below total bounce rate is shown as: 55.88% in comparison to similar industry average as 57.14%

Bounce rate bench marking what is good bounce rate

Bounce rate bench marking what is good bounce rate


However if you look carefully:

The traffic bounce rate from Organic search results is very good i.e. 20%  comparing to similar industry sites where average bounce rate from organic search traffic bounce rate is 52.27%  

but bounce rate from Paid search is very high 83.33% in comparison to 70% same size similar industry average(even 70% is bad) which means the paid ads which are bringing traffic to this site are not effective and need to be modified.

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