WordPress.com vs. WordPress.Org which is better for business

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If you are confused which option should you choose for your blog WordPress.com or WordPress.org than you are not alone. In fact many people when they start blogging or wanna develop a site using WordPress this is often the first question. Both option has their pros and cons.

Wordpress most popular cms in the world

WordPress most popular cms in the world

“WordPress” provides you two options: WordPress.com and WordPress.org, even though WordPress essentially works in a similar manner in both formats.

WordPress is a content management tool, and is most popular CMS worldwide as almost 25% of all site using WordPress as of now.
What is WordPress.com?

On WordPress.com you can get a free blog. You don’t need to pay anything for hosting a domain (your website name such as www.london-school.org.uk).

However you aren’t allowed to use any extra plugins(which can add extra functionality into your site or blog such as e commerce payment system, forum, etc)
Similarly you aren’t allowed to edit the back-end of your site. So you get free hosted blog platform with the power of WordPress but you are n’t allow to customize it.

WordPress.com Benefits

It’s free
It’s very easy to set up than the self-hosted WordPress.org option
Your blog is on very powerful servers, so it’s highly unlikely it will go down due to high traffic
Your posts are backed up automatically                                                                                                                                                                                                         You don’t need to worry about things like maintenance upgrades, security, etc

WordPress.com shortcomings 

You cannot customize the theme
You can’t upload plugins
You are not allowed to monetize it                                                                                                                                                                                                             When you start a Blog on WordPress.com, your domain name will be something such as https://doingbusinessinindia.wordpress.com/ which doesn’t look good for a professional business so you need to buy your own domain which can cost around $8/yr to $30/year depending upon the registrar.

So hosting your blog on WordPress.com is for those who want to blog but don’t want to edit, customize or monetize it.

What is WordPress.org?
With WordPress.org you have the option to download free WordPress software to install on your own website or blog.
You can use plugins to add extra function on your site and you can edit & customize the theme.
You can monetize your site.

WordPress.org Cons
You need a find good web host and also pay monthly for hosting your site & yearly for your domain. You need to ensure about all the updates and protect your site against all viruses, etc.  You need some technical knowledge to set up WordPress site, customize and run.

WordPress.org option is a self hosted WordPress for people who want a professional blog with control of appearance and the ability to use plugins along with option to monetize.

If you are building your site for your business than WordPress.org is the better option though you need to correct some common problems with WordPress such as url, title, comment box etc.



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