WordPress Trackback and Pingback difference

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Initially when your start using your WordPress site or blog, you may get confused with terminology trackback or pingback as you may not be sure what are they and if pingbacks any good for your website SEO?

Trackbacks is one of the way for WordPress site owners to get extra comments & continue meaningful conversations with readers through their writing. 

A trackback can be thought of as an external WordPress comment. If another site using different blogging software links to one of your posts, they can manually send a notification (a trackback) to let you know. WPress shows all trackback as comment & just like any other comment, you can approve, reject or spam it.

Spammy comments

Spammy comments

Pingbacks are exclusive to the WordPress. WordPress pingbacks is a good way to get more links to your blog.

So if you link to another WPress website, you automatically get a reciprocal link back from them, usually on the bottom of their page. Both sites need to have pingbacks enabled either on their entire site or on the post that’s referenced.

Now the question is, if pingbacking really a good strategy from SEO point of view for your website?

In theory yes because till couple of years ago even reciprocal linking were considered good strategy for ranking better in Google however links coming from spam site can have adverse effect or even worse to the point that your site may get banned.

Unfortunately spammers have found a way to abuse the pingback system. So if you have automatic pingbacks set up on your site, any site that links to you will get a link back to their site from your blog post. So if you wants to proceed with pingbacking, do it with caution!



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